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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body needed for the structure and density of the skin. Approximately 80% of young and healthy skin is made up of collagen. However, the fibroblast cells that responsible for producing collagen in the skin, slowdown the collagen production and decrease with natural ageing.
Anyone who wants to boost their skin’s own natural collagen production for younger, firmer, radiant-glow looking skin, healthy hair and nails, and prevent, repair signs of natural ageing from the inside. It’s also promote joint health.
The amount of collagen in your body start to decline dramatically after 25. Other factors like UV rays and stress accelerate collagen loss. The earlier, the better to start on your beauty care.
We only using the collagen extracted from the fish and Salmon Ovary Peptide (Patented). NO OTHER ANIMAL SOURCES ARE USED.
AGELESS BIHAKU RESEARCH LABS, INC. with office in Osaka, Japan and Dallas, TX - USA. Our manufacturing facility is in Japan, certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Yes. We have a certificate from the Islamic and Cultural Centre certifying that fish-extracted collagen that used in Agelez Bihaku™ Collagen Product is Halal.
Through the clinical research in Japan, people who take more than 10000mg of collagen peptides daily for the first month had a lot better skin satisfaction than take only 5000mg per day. Agelez Bihaku™ contains 13500mg of nano collagen peptide, enhance with other synergistic ingredients, that will rapidly boost your own natural collagen production from within.
The enzymes in our stomach breaks the hydrolyzed collagen down into smaller peptides and free amino acids which are easily absorbed in the small intestine before passing through the small intestine walls to reach the blood stream supplying the dermis. Here, they activate the fibroblast cells to make new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin to hydrate the skin and improve its firmness and elasticity.
No. Nano collagen peptides in our product is uniquely processed and formulated to retain their structural integrity and cannot be broken down by the stomach acid.
No. Nano collagen peptides in Agelez Bihaku™ Japan provides an excellent source of protein and vitamins for those on a diet, as it can help prevent food cravings and assist individuals to lose their weight.It’s ideal even for those on a diet and it’s less than 5 calories per 1000mg.
YES. Japan Laboratory tests on our finished product for safety for human consumption and meets more than quality standards. It’s also tested in each foreign country’s health department approved lab where our products are distributed.
No. Since it's made from natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives or artificial colors, it's SAFE FOR LONG TERM CONSUMPTION and has no side effects.
Yes. Our products are 100% safe to take during pregnancy or lactation. However, if you have any concern, please consult to your your doctor before taking our product.
Yes. Our product does not contain any sugar, only natural sweetener. However, if you have any concern, please consult to your doctor before taking our product.
Yes. However, multi vitamin (Vit B, C, E, H) are already present in Agelez Bihaku™ Collagen, so it’s not necessary to take other supplements.
MP® Salmon Ovary Peptide is CLINICALLY PROVEN and Japan Patented for:
  • Skin complexion Improvement (Patent No. JP3899116)
  • Blood Circlulation Improvement (Patent No. JP3946239)
  • Anti-aging Effect through the increase of IGF-1 (Patent No. JP3946238)
  • Hair Restorer (Patent No. JP4643754)
Clinical studies carried out in Japan, demonstare its safety and efficacy.
Agelez Bihaku™ Collagen contains vegetable based Hyaluronic Acid.
For Collagen Booster : Take 1 bottle every night for 5 days. Skip for 2 days. At least a month.
Repeat User : Take 2-3 bottles per week.
However, note that the optimal dose each person may vary, depending on your age and skin needs. If you are concern, try a lower amount by using our measurement spoon. Keep refrigerated for maximum of 48 hours.
In order to obtain the full benefits above, the product is best consumed consecutively for a period of at least two months for booster benefits.
Visible result and improvements can be seen after continuous daily consumptions of Agelez Bihaku™ Japan Collagen within the first week. According to our clinical trials results, in trial of taking the product daily consecutively for 8 weeks, as :
Week 1 : More Hydrated skin
Week 2 : Dark circle under the eyes reduced
Week 3 : Healthy-Glow skin
Week 4 : Firmer Elastic skin & body (Breasts and Buttocks)
Week 5 & 6 : Fine lines and dark spots reduced
Week 7 & 8 : Brighter Skin while it’s detoxify your liver
Every individual's skin renewal cycle maybe varies. However, this does not mean everyone will get the same result at the same time, since there are many factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, prolonged exposure to the sun and smoking which affect the skin.
Even after improvements are notice, it is advisable to continue taking for lasting result. The benefits you notice, may not go right away after you stop consuming, but the collagen level will gradually decline as you age. Beside the natural aging process, other factors, like UV rays, AC and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, sleep late) will accelerate collagen cell loss. It is recommend to take 2-3 bottles per week to maintain the good condition of your skin (1 box per month).


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